Hunting in Mozambique


Mozambique is a dream safari destination for the adventure seeking Big Game Hunter. Miles of unspoiled wilderness offer a true Wild Africa hunting experience. With over 20 years of first-hand hunting experience and guiding over big parts of Mozambique, Russell Lovemore will personally put your Mozambique safari together and share his unsurpassed knowledge with you.

“My fascination with Mozambique started with a fishing trip way back in 1994, followed in 1996 by my first hunting trip.

I have been taking clients hunting on many different areas in Mozambique since this time and have hunted on some really great places, mostly on the Zambeze Delta concessions. In 2014 I was fortunate enough to acquire Chawalo hunting area and we have recently started to refer to it as “Chawalo Wilderness”.

“Safari Trails Mozambique” is our South African registered company that books and conducts hunting and fishing safaris in various areas in Mozambique. Having hunted in many areas in Mozambique and through good relationships built I am in the fortunate possession to take our clients to the very best areas for the animals they are looking for.

We have hunting areas in Niassa, Zambeze Delta and Cahora Bassa. So we are not bound to one area and I can take you to where I believe you will have the best chance to take that trophy of a lifetime, and have the experience of a lifetime too.

To me safari is much, much more than just killing an animal. We need to enjoy everything about the experience. From the birth of the idea over a beer with friends or family right up to the time your valued trophies are hung up to enjoy forever. Sunrises, sunsets, sounds, smells and flavors of Africa all form part of your experiences and your memories. Treasure them!

It’s my belief that the trophies you work the hardest for are the ones that you treasure the most. This is true in all things in life, not only hunting. So with that, we believe that if you need to make up a story about your safari, then we have failed you.

Our motto is “For a Lifetime…” and this can mean a lifetime of memories, a lifetime of fun, a lifetime of experiences, a lifetime dream fulfilled, you fill in the blanks.

I look forward to sharing our campfires with you.”

Russell Lovemore
Outfitter and Professional hunter

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Mozambique Safari Lodges

Our unique Safari Lodges offer visitors some welcome comfort in what can only be described as real, raw, rural Africa. Stunningly beautiful scenery and sunsets, with plentiful bird life and the ever present hippo and croc’s at our river camps, the night sounds of hyenas wondering around and a true sense of remoteness make our lodges the perfect place to relax and unwind after busy days in the pursuit of big and small game alike. Our teams of friendly staff will ensure that all your needs are catered for.



We offer some of the finest Crocodile hunting in Mozambique at Cahora Bassa. This area host a high Crocodile population and is known for excellent trophy quality.

Cape Buffalo

The Zambeze Delta in Mozambique is home to some of the largest herds of Cape Buffalo in Africa. We usually penetrate these remote swamps with Argo’s from where we stalk on foot. This is a very unique hunt and an adventure you will not easily forget!

We also offer top quality traditional buffalo hunting at Cahora Bassa and Niassa where we track on foot with our experienced trackers.

Leopard & Lion

Our Cahora Bassa and Niassa Concessions offer fantastic Leopard hunting with excellent Leopard genetics. We also offer very exciting lion hunts in these concessions where we carefully select the best time of year to ensure an enjoyable and successful hunting experience.


Experience classic East-African walk & stalk Elephant hunts with us. Russell Lovemore is experienced in hunting Elephant in Mozambique and will carefully plan your hunt to ensure the best possible Elephant hunting experience.


Our ongoing conservation efforts together with strict hunting quotas ensure that  incredible quality plainsgame trophies are taken on a regular and sustainable basis. The Zambeze Delta offers an astounding density of the tiny antelope like Blue Duiker, Red Duiker, Suni and Oribi. You will also find excellent quality Waterbuck, Sable, Nyala, Livingston’s Eland and Chobe Bushbuck to name a few. Our Caharo Bassa and Niassa concessions also offer a variety of plainsgame such as Greater Kudu, Bushpig, Common Reedbuck, Warthog and much more!

Except for exciting hunting safaris Mozambique also offers a variety of activities

Unspoiled tropical beaches & luxury beach resorts, scuba diving, offshore fishing and incredible freshwater fishing for Tigerfish and Vundu.

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